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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Deana: a 1st Quarter finish!

I have my first finish of 2018!  Yay!  Grand Illusion is complete with binding.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Deana: Woodsy quilting is moving along

I am coming along nicely on getting the Woodsy quilt quilted.  I had today off but the rest of my weekend was packed with my niece's wedding, so I hope to have it done sometime this week.  Here is the progress.

The main sections are all outlined.  Filler quilting will fall in later.

A cowboy with his pack horse is a traditional thing for my family.  This quilt belongs to my siser-in-law and her husband often takes the family into the mountains on horses like this.  I hope she likes it.  I chose a veriagated thread.  I wanted the detailed quilting to pop because it tells a story.

A coyote howling in the pines...

An elk in the water right by the sleeping fisherman.

 Here is the back.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

1st Quarter Finish Along

Yay!  It is time to post my 1st Quarter Finish Along Goals!  That is a little hard to do because I don't know what numbers will be drawn by Patchwork Times in February and March.  I can list January's and then list something else I suppose.

Number 1 
Finish Grand Illusion.  It only needs the binding hand sewn.  I quilted it last week.  This was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery a couple of years ago.

Number 2
Quilt Felicity's Bear/Moose quilt.  I just created a post about how I am marking it.  The back is already loaded on the frames awaiting the marking process.

Number 3
Finish Blue/Yellow Bright Flower Medallion
I just finished this top in December and want it ready for the bed in the spring.  This quilt is the same pattern as the bear/moose quilt above.  Isn't it wild how different they look?

Number 4
Up on the Housetop
I just cut the reindeer out last week and am waiting for a sick friend to get better so we can start it together.  It would be wonderful to have it quilted and bound first quarter 2018.

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Marking a quilt

To be honest, I don't mark quilts.  I don't like worrying that the marks will come out.  I was so happy to discover heat disappearing pens and am using them to mark Felicity's Bear Moose quilt.  Her quilt just has so much open space, and I had these wonderful continuous line machine quilting patterns that are perfect for it.

The marking is slow and uncomfortable.  I do it sitting on the floor because I have pressed the king sized top and don't want to wrinkle it.  I only have one side of the outside border done and am anxioius to get going on the quilting instead of the marking.

I also wanted to show a photo of a hand project I have my eye on.  It is by Crab Apple Hill, and I can hardly wait to gather up white fabric for it.  It involves Crayons and an iron to give it the wonderful colored look.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Deana: 6 & 6 Challenge

Hello blogland!  Are you getting in some happy sew days this winter?  I am.  Sewing really keeps me going through the cold of winter.

I am joining the 6 & 6 in 2018 Challenge hosted by Anne and Meredithe.  You work on 6 old projecs and 6 new ones in 2018.  I am excited about this challenge because I do have a few "new" projects I really want to sink my teeth into this year.  I have spent the past few years getting those UFOs done with great success.  Now I want to play with new ones while I finish some old ones.

I have joined Patchwork Times UFO challenge, so I have already flagged 12 UFOs for 2018 to finish.  They can be found at the link above.  I am also doing Lynette's 18 in 2018 UFO challenge which means there are 6 more quilts to finish in 2018.  They are also listed in the above link.  Now I want to list some "new" starts for 2018 for the 6 & 6 challenge.

1.  Up on the HouseTop by Janet Nesbitt

Here are the reindeer fabrics. I also have the Santa fabrics selected but they are not pictured.

The next three projects will all be made sort of together because the flowers in the bee quilt are also in the next two quilts.  I am making all three quilts in the same color families so the blocks can be made at the same time.

2.  Crazy Busy Bees by Janet Nesbitt

The flower fabrics for the flower blocks in all three quilts are featured below and in the exact order I plan to layer them in.  I think it is obvious that I am excited about these projects because they are SO READY to start cutting into.  I just need to make the fabrics fat quarter size first.

3.  My Favorite Things by Janet Nesbitt 

The fabric below are for my bees and the sashing on "My Favorite Things" quilt.  I'm doing green/blue fabric for one of the sashing triangles and either the red or orange for the other.  I will also need another black from my stash and backgrounds.

4.  Chicks in the Garden by Janet Nesbitt

Here are the fabrics I have selected for my chicks.  They will be layered in the exact order I have arranged in the photo.  Buggy Barn patterns require you to layer the fabrics and cut them all at once in layers of 5ish, then you rotate certain ones to the back.  The magic happens when you discover what each block looks like as you sew them up.  It is so much fun!  I am adding in more background fabrics than the one in the photo because I want my birds to pop.

The extra chicks will go into the "Favorite Things" quilt featured above.

5.  Bear Paw Cabin Quilt

I designed and made this quilt a few years ago with the help of my sisters.  Now I want to make one for my son.  This is what it will look like and the fabrics I have selected.

6.  To be determined as the year goes by...
There are a couple of other Buggy Barn style quilts I want to make but I also want to do a Crab Apple Hill hand embroidery Christmas Quilt, a Dresdon Christmas Quilt, and a New York Beauty with Marie when she is ready.  There is no way I will start them all this year unless I get lots of UFOs done first.  We shall see what the year brings.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Deana: Grand Illusion is quilted!

I spent my days after work this past week and most of the day Saturday quilting this one.  It was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  I didn't like how busy mine turned out so I changed the layout and blocks with the pieces I had already made.  I really like it better now that it is quilted.

Here is the back.

I attached the binding by machine tonight and will work toward doing the hand finishing.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Santa's Reindeer

I have only half of the border quilted.  So much for my fast and easy plan.  I just love how this thread looks on the back as well as the front.  I tried to order more today because I don't have enough to do the whole quilt in it.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to come in a cone any more.  Oh well, I picked out some other threads that are similar.

I started a new quilt today.  I have been planning it for a couple of months as well as collecting fabric for it.  My friend and I are starting the sewing on it this week, so I wanted to get it cut and ready.  I have found that cutting while visiting is scary business.  

Yesterday I selected the reindeer fabic and placed it in order.

Today I got it all cut.  Here is the photo of the finished quilt.
 Here is my wonky, unsewn, no eyes reindeer.  He is going to get cuter (I promise)!
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Deana: Baby steps toward finishes!

Yesterday I got Grand Illusion basted and began quilting it.  I also got 8 blocks done on Justin's Medallion to complete the middle.  I am SO GLAD all that paper piecing is done.  I like to paper piece but these were boring to me.  If you scan down a post you will see Marie's lovely Medallion done in blues and purples.

I should have some reindeer cut out to show soon.  It's Buggy Barn time!

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MARIE: First Finish for the Year 2018

I've been MIA for some time, but I finally finished a quilt that I want to share. I planned to finish it in 2017,  but didn't get it finished until January 1, so I'm counting it for 2018😏.

I bought this red and brown border print several years ago because I loved it, and then had to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I saw a picture on the internet of a quilt very much like this and decided that was what I wanted to do. Sorry, it was so long ago that I don't have the web site.  This quilt has lots of  Y-seams, but I got through it and finally finished. I quilted it on my domestic Juki sewing machine.

I finished this quilt some time ago (2016) and I never posted a picture of it so here it is. This is Deana's pattern called "Hexagons in Rotation".  I also quilted this one on my sewing machine.

The back of the quilt.


I tend to get excited about piecing a quilt before I quilt the last one, so this my year to catch up on the quilting I have neglected. I have a goal to finish all the quilting before I do any more piecing.

1. Finish quilting Jocelyn's Medallion (another of Deana's amazing patterns). It is about 2/3 quilted now.

2. Quilt my Autumn Hues Mystery Quilt--another of Deana's patterns. (I'm not sure what Deana calls this pattern.) She has recently posted several quilts with this pattern. We each used different center and corner blocks and chose our own colors of fabric. It was a fun top to make.  This top is finished and it is basted and ready to quilt.

3. Quilt my Optical Illusion Mystery Quilt. I finished piecing this way too long ago, but have never posted a picture of the finished top with the borders. I'm excited to quilt this on my home sewing machine now that I've had a little more practice.

4.  Quilt my Shimmer Braid Quilt, again, one of Deana's fabulous patterns.

5. Piece and quilt a pinwheel quilt.

6. Finish piecing my "Roses Stack and Whack", and quilt it.

7. Make a New York Beauty Quilt.

8. Finish piecing and quilt my Hawaiian Kaleidoscope quilt.

That's a pretty hefty goal list for me and I may not get them all complete but I hope to be able to check off a few this year.

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